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Veracarts Security and Infrastructure

Our servers are located in a Tier 1 data center, which means, it's the best available. It's more difficult to get into than Fort Knox! You must pass through hand scanners, electronic key codes, more locks, a moat with dragons, Cerberus, and more! This means your data is safe and secure.

How We Keep You Safe:
  • Yes we are PCI DSS compliant
  • Our system is scanned daily by Security Metrics one of the top security companies in the world.
  • Your data is backed up and then backed up again to ensure its never lost.
  • We handle all of the SSL authentication for our customers, thus reducing the risk of any one finding a hole to get into our system.
  • Our databases do not sit on the web so they arent available to hackers.
  • Everything is fire walled and load balanced to make loading times fast.
  • We use the highest bit encryption for all of our SSL certifications.

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 people shopping on your store, you can count on Veracart to deliver the exact same fast and reliable shopping experience, thanks to our clustering setup, much like those of Amazon and Yahoo.