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Cool Examples of How Vercart is Used!

Veracart can be configured in so many ways in just minutes! Actually there are 10,000 different ways you can configure your Veracart store with all of its different options and features. We just want to take a moment to share some of the cool ways Veracart is used by our clients.

US Canteen needed a way to drive traffic from specific online campaigns track the traffic sources, and convert that traffic. Using Veracarts Campaign Checkout they were able to convert 50% more traffic. Campaign Checkout it's awesome!

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emTrain was using a software where it took to many steps get to the checkout. Using Veracarts Mini Cart, One Step Checkout, and Checkout Silent Post Feature. emTrain tripled their conversions. The best part is the process became seamless for them. Once some one orders from their site the order goes directly into their system using the silent checkout post. emTrain even hosts their web site and shopping cart on their own servers.

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Flower Patch

Flower Patch is a leader in flower delivery. Flower Patch was using on of these open source shopping carts that cost them thousands of dollars a month by paying a developer to make the changes and enancements that the needed just to find it was developed out far enough to fit their needs. Flower Patch approached Veracart and we showed them the light. When you order flowers from its the same as ordering from your phone, or in person from one of their dozen stores. Customers can choose a delivery time, date, and location and the order goes directly into their MAS Flowering Ordering Software

VIP International is the wholesale outlet and their own manufacturer. VIP needed a way to ensure people not registered and not logged in to not be able to view product prices. VIP uses Veracart to showcase their catalog and customers are able to register and login to view wholesale pricing that is customized to their liking. VIP also uses Veracarts minimum order and volume pricing features to ensure they get the most out of their wholesale customers.

Event Registration

(Speaker Find Account) needed a way to have customers pay for his seminar classes online. He has a one page website that leads them to a single page checkout and simply adds a new seminar when ever he needs too.