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Marketing Services

Marketing your service is as important as having a great product. Opening an online store is like building a store in the desert. You may have the best products at the best prices, but if you donít build a freeway to your front door, no one will know you exist. We can help you build a steady stream traffic to your site.

Tagsoda is not your ordinary pay per click engine. tagsoda takes your keywords and turns those keywords into links on blogs around the internet. This helps in several ways first and foremost if you are going to go viral on the internet its going to be through the blogosphere. tagsoda only advertises your products and services on blogs. If you want to brand yourself on the Internet its going to be on the blogosphere. When you advertise with tagsoda you advertise on the blogosphere.

Veracart can create a custom ecommerce marketing plan for you and you can outsource all of your ecommerce marketing to Veracart.

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