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Easily add "Click to Chat" to your website so your customers and potential customers can talk to you easily. It's easy to add and customers love it.

A few of the many reasons to use Click to Chat:

  • Personalize customer service

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Chat one-on-one with customers

  • Increase sales

  • Monitor your website’s traffic in real time

  • Send them links to certain pages on your site

  • Greet website visitors with a message and increase conversions by up to 20%

  • Reduce expenses by chatting and taking fewer 1-800 calls

Click to Chat allows you to easily communicate with customers. They can contact you or you can reach out to them when they visit your website and direct them to products or information they are looking for and answer their questions. People like the extra service and time it saves them which makes them happier customers.