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Many of our user use as their payment gateway (credit card/payment processor). has a “Verified Merchant Seal” that you can use in our checkout so when a user goes through the checkout, they can click on the Seal and it will dynamically check. A window pops up saying whether they are or are not a Verified user.

In order for this seal to work in our checkout, must be added to the list of secured sites.

Here is how you add to that list: Admin Merchant Login > Account > Verified Merchant Seal — (see image below)

If you haven’t added the logo to the Veracart checkout pages, you can do so in the Veracart admin.

All checkout code can be customized here in the Veracart admin:

Settings > Secure Checkout

Simply add the code from the admin to Veracarts secure checkout.

Please call support if you don’t know how to do this. A little HTML knowledge is required in order to be able to place the logo.

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