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Add to Checkout code

Add to checkout is different from add to cart. Add to checkout skips the cart page and goes directly to the checkout where the user enters their name, email, billing, shipping, etc.

The code is simple to understand and use.

You must first include the Veracart Header Code Standard, before the code below.

PURPLE CODE is required header and footer code.

All you have to do is insert the Veracart Item ID in 2 places FOR EACH ITEM shown in red below…

<form method="POST" name="vcCartButtonsForm" action="">
<input name="Al" value="4" type="hidden">
<input name="vccs" value="1" type="hidden">
Qty<input type="text" name="Qty1" value="0">
<input type="hidden" name="Iit[]" value="1"><br>
Qty<input type="text" name="Qty2" value="0">
<input type="hidden" name="Iit[]" value="2"><br>
Qty<input type="text" name="Qty3" value="0">
<input type="hidden" name="Iit[]" value="3"><br>
<input type="submit" onclick="document.vcCartButtonsForm.vccs.value=1" alt="Proceed to Checkout" />

Contact support if you need help with this.

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